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Oahu beach photography sessions tend to be great options for families with young kids. The open space and natural surroundings lend themselves to sweet, candid moments. Children do not feel as contained as they would in a studio, and they have room to roam and explore. You’re almost guaranteed to get some good smiles.

And it’s not just the children who do better outdoors. Families come from all over to relax on the white sands and peaceful shores of Hawaii. The beach inspires awe and wonder in all ages.

If you have young children, you may be wondering if they can handle a beach session. If you don’t mind getting messy and want images filled with love and laughter, I say, “Absolutely!” There are a few things to keep in mind. After my years of experience photographing families in Hawaii, I’ve discovered a few inevitable truths that will help families prepare for upcoming Oahu beach photography sessions.

5 Things to Expect During Your Oahu Beach Photography Session:

  1. Embrace the Wind.

    More often than not, it is quite breezy on Oahu beaches. If you don’t want the windswept look or just want to avoid hair in the face, try a pulled back hairstyle, hair accessories for girls, fitted flower crowns, or some extra gel and hairspray. Hats also look adorable for some of the shots, but just know they may blow off if the wind is strong enough.

    This being said, I love the wind in candid images. It shows movement and adds to the emotion and feel of the overall image. In the images above, the wind makes them so dynamic you can visualize the photographs in motion. Wind has a way of breathing life into your family portraits, beautifully preserving special memories for years to come.


  1. Let Your Child Set the Pace.

I’m very flexible and patient, especially when working with young children. I have three little ones myself, and I know how it goes. Often, candids work much better for this age set.  Come ready to play, have fun, and love on your little one.  My favorite part about beach photography is how authentically these images capture the essence of a young child – just the way you want to remember them years from now. Trust me: there will be a day you’ll wish they could be more natural and free to ditch the poses, fish lips and forced smiles. 😉

If your little one suddenly spots a new rock to examine, I’ll happily race along with her to capture the magic of the moment. There’s no experience more beautiful than seeing the world through the eyes of a child, and I invite you to try it with me during your session!


  1. We go with the flow.

Oftentimes, we’ll need to follow the child’s lead and take breaks as needed. Come as relaxed as possible. Young children will feed off your energy. Just remember that I am in no hurry, and I fully know what to expect with little ones. I anticipate taking breaks, grabbing a snack (or three), and regrouping during the session. As parents, you know as well as I do that our kiddos only become more stubborn if we push too hard. So, we’ll take it easy. No pressure here.

  1. We will eventually get messy, wet and sandy.

Your clothes and hair won’t look perfect, but your love and deep family connection will outshine everything. There are sessions where kids become covered head to toe in wet sand, and somehow, it’s hardly noticeable in the photos later on. What is memorable is the joy they felt in that moment.  Don’t fret trying to keep them clean. It’s all part of the experience, and  these photographs are sure to make you smile later on. The mess is half the fun!


  1. Crying/tantrums are fine.

    As a fellow parent, I know these are inevitable. Something as small as a broken shell might trigger an outburst, and that’s ok! Comfort them through it as you normally would. This is all part of the parenthood journey and these tender moments make for images that pull at the heartstrings. These raw moments are priceless.


I can sincerely tell you that I absolutely love every minute of family beach sessions – tears and all. I want you to feel comfortable sharing your life with me, and I do not expect perfection. The best photos reflect real life, and I enjoy capturing those sweet little moments for you.

To find out more details, simply connect with me on via my Contact Form. I look forward to helping you capture real life beautifully!

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Kim Ebert is an Oahu family photographer specializing in captivating Hawaii family photography.

Kim Ebert is an Oahu family photographer specializing in captivating Hawaii family photography.


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